With extensive knowledge of the tiny house and construction industry, we are dedicated to helping clients successfully buy, design and build their own custom house. We are passionate about building the ideal home for people.


We are passionate about building the ideal home for you. We have many different options to customize your home including choices of toilet, heating/cooling, kitchen appliances and solar energy.


Each home is designed to maximize the use of the space by incorporating multi-functional cabinets, tables, etc. We utilize every available space for storage. Functionality is just as important as style when it comes to tiny living.

It is important to know who you’re doing business with. We are very aware of the issues we all face as the growth continues to skyrocket. We want to help resolve the current and impending issues by offering a different housing solution. 

We want to offer affordable, quality, smaller housing options. The past few years have been tough on so many, including creating living situations with several people living under one roof. Financial hardship, increased rent and property values, along with no available housing, have contributed to the crisis. Our smaller homes are a solution to many of these problems.

We have construction in our blood; as we have been around it since we were kids. Dawn’s grandfather built the house she grew up in, which was her first experience in tiny living. For 18 years, she lived with her family in a 900 s.f. house. Her grandfather then built the house her grandparents called “home” until her grandfather passed, which was also a very small house. We speak the same language, which makes communication between us easy.

Dawn is the owner of My Tiny House Builder, designer of the houses and she is the creator of the Garden of Eden Tiny Community. She currently lives in a 199 s.f. tiny house that she designed and built herself out of an existing building. Her decision to go tiny was based on several factors, including the reduced carbon footprint, freedom from stuff and financial stress. She brings with her decades of experience in the construction industry from swimming pools, landscaping, walls, fences, guesthouses or casitas (tiny houses), remodels, as well as sustainable gardening experience. She was involved with the Havasu RV Resort during construction, so her first experience with a “tiny house” community was over 15 years ago before it was “cool”.

She has experience working with Planning & Zoning, Building Departments and Building Inspectors to build, high-quality projects that usually pass inspection the first time. The homeowners’ satisfaction is her top priority and she has a successful track record of creating what the homeowner envisioned. She has vast knowledge and experience with the entire building procedure, including design, permits, construction, project management and final walk-thru. By living tiny herself, Dawn has the experience and knowledge of the pros and cons, potential issues and fabulous solutions for living tiny.

We believe that the houses (mobile or foundation-built) should be built based on the local Building Codes. We also build small houses on permanent foundations, which require building permits. All buildings are built by a Licensed and Bonded General Contractor.

In addition we are experienced with both new construction and remodels, bringing creative solutions to all your tiny living needs.

High quality construction and customer service is important to us and referrals are our favorite way to advertise. We understand the importance of referrals and how fast news travels so when a homeowner is happy, we all win! Please contact us for a free estimate on your own small piece of Heaven.

“Tiny houses are the next big thing!” ~ John Weisbarth, Tiny House Nation

Any construction project can be stressful and exciting at the same time. Our decades of experience working with homeowners in the construction industry provides us the opportunity to improve our communication and ability to understand what each client wants. This helps to ensure that the finished product is what the customer expected.