A Win-Win

A Tiny Investment With A Huge Impact

Buyers Need Loans!

Tiny Homes on Wheels are becoming increasingly popular. By becoming an investor, you’re not only getting a great return on your investment, you’re helping an individual, couple or family obtain home ownership.

You Want a Great Investment!

It’s getting harder to find a low-risk, high ROI investment opportunity in this market. Rental properties aren’t what they used to be with the huge jump in housing costs. We have the solution.

How Does It Work?

A Tiny House on Wheels (TOW) is considered a Recreational Vehicle. It is registered as a Motor Vehicle in the state in which it will reside. The Buyer receives a Title and Registration and are listed as the first owner. You become the lien holder and will be listed on the Title as such. This means that the TOW can’t be sold and Title can’t be transferred until the loan is paid in full and they receive the Lien Release. The loan is secured by the asset. All buyers are required to put at least 20% down, providing instant equity, showing the buyers commitment.

How are Buyers Approved for a Loan?

An interested buyer goes through the same credit check and screening as if they were purchasing an automobile. As an investor, you will receive notifications of new potential borrowers. The information includes their credit score(s), job history and proof of income. You simply contact us when you find a worthy investment.

What happens if the borrowers stop paying?

We hate to think this will happen but since it’s a small possibility, here is the jest. They are treated the same as if they defaulted on a traditional loan, because they are. If you run into trouble with, please contact us right away and we will immediately begin the collection process. If the borrowers are unable to rectify the situation, the Tiny House will be repossessed and put on the market.  The current loan against the Tiny House will be transferred into the new borrowers name and they will begin making payments, if financing is needed. The loan can only be transferred one time so they will need to pay the loan in full before they can sell or transfer title a second time.

We have loan programs available and the chart below outlines the terms and ROI for each loan package. We are more than happy to consider adding additional loan options if you prefer different terms. The actual numbers will vary based on the actual final costs of the tiny house. For example, if it costs $ 75,000.00 and the loan amount is $ 60,000.00, the numbers will be less than our $ 100,000 loan package accordingly.

Who services the loan?

All loans are serviced by a Title & Escrow Agency. There is a very small fee that is added to the monthly payment for this service and it’s well worth it. The loan payment includes the homeowner insurance to cover the Tiny House as well as the Registration Fee. The Title Agency will collect the payment from the borrower, pay the insurance and registration (when required) and send you a check each month. It’s painless and hassle-free!

Show Me The Money!

Here is a list of our current investment opportunities, or loan programs for buyers. If you’d prefer a different arrangement, please contact us.  Where else can you find a ROI between 16% and 72%? The amount needed for this type of investment is less than other, higher risk, lower return investment opportunities as well.

Why Is Tiny Living Becoming So Popular?

In a nutshell, many states are in a housing crisis. While it’s good for some, it’s hard on many more. So what’s happening? It’s due to the great migration! People are moving in record numbers to a different state. When their house sells for a high amount, they have a large amount of money to invest in their next home. When people in the state they are moving to realize the profit potential, they increase their sales price to capitalize o the opportunity. You can’t really blame them but how is this problematic? On the surface it seems like a win-win for both parties. The buyer is fine spending their money on their new abode and the seller gets a nice profit.

Unfortunately in most places, the number of renters far outweigh the number of homeowners; this is where the issue lies. As housing prices increase so do rent prices for the same reason, to make more money when the opportunity knocks. Many homeowners are evicting their tenants so they can sell the house and, again, gain larger profits due to the market increase. As a result, many people are facing homelessness or moving in with family or friends to avoid living on the streets. Does this sound dire? It’s because it is! Homelessness has increased significantly across our county and it’s only going to get worse if we don’t offer alternate housing opportunities. Home ownership should be the goal of most Americans and it needs to be obtainable without facing insurmountable odds.

Why are people choosing to buy tiny homes instead of travel trailers, 5th wheels or motor homes?

  • Quality of Construction!
    • A Tiny House is built with the same quality and construction as a foundation house. We use quality materials, including insulation in walls and floors. The windows and doors are the same as a foundation house, not an RV. All these things create a more enjoyable, comfortable, environmentally-controlled living environment you just can’t find in an RV. RV’s are very difficult to heat and cool if you’re dealing with anything other than mild weather.
  • Value vs. Depreciation
    • Just like an automobile, an RV loses value the minute you drive it off the lot. Why? They are very cheaply made! The markup in the RV industry is very high, adding to the escalated depreciation. Tiny houses hold their value because their quality doesn’t lower with time. Trying to renovate an RV in an attempt to increase it’s value is often more expensive and time consuming than expected, making one wonder if any extra dollars were really worth it. A tiny house is the same as a foundation house so it’s easy to remodel or upgrade as time goes on. Keeping up on needed maintenance and repairs will keep the value of the tiny house high.
  • Built by Licensed, Bonded & Insured Residential Contractors
    • All of our tiny houses, mobile or foundation-built, are constructed by a Licensed, Bonded and Insured Contractor. This is not a requirement as they are not under the jurisdiction of the building department, but we believe it is necessary to maintain a high level of quality, safe and energy-efficient tiny homes on the market. All foundation-built tiny houses, or Accessory Dwelling Units, are legally permitted in the city or county in which it’s built by a Licensed, Bonded & Insured Contractor in that particular state.
  • Tiny Home Construction Inspections
    • We offer NOAH building inspections to any interested homeowners for tiny houses on wheels. Foundation-built tiny houses are inspected by the Building Department in the city or country that has jurisdiction. A Certificate of Occupancy is issued upon completion of the tiny house.

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